Bistort herb herbal medicinal

Bistort herb herbal medicinal

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Bistort herb herbal medicinal

Bistort (Polygonum bistorta) herb herbal medicine comes from the Polygonaceae family. The name comes from Latin word ‘bis’ which means ‘twice’ and torta ‘twisted’. It is derived from its twisted, creeping nature. There are about 40 varieties of Polygonum which contain medicinal properties such as knotgrass, smartweed and buckwheat. Bistort is also known as adderwort, drgaonwort, easter giant, patience dock, red legs and others. This herb is often found in parts of Northern Europe, Northern England, Southern Scotland, Siberia, Japan and Western Asia to the Himalayas.

Bistort herb herbal medicinal often utilizes the rootstock and leaves. These parts contain gallic acid, gum, starch and tannic acid. Bistort herb herbal medicinal does the following actions to the body:

o Alterative which pertains to the ability of bistort herb herbal medicinal to alter unhealthy conditions of the body and restore it to normal functions most of the times through improvement of nutrition.
o Astringent is a bistort herb herbal medicinal property that serves as binding agent that contracts organic tissue and reducing secretions or discharges of mucous and fluid from the body.
o Diuretic refers to the bistort herb herbal medicinal ability to act as agent that increases urine volume and flow. As a result, cleansing the urinary tract.
o Styptic is bistort herb herbal medicinal property that contacts tissues especially hemostatic agent that stops bleeding by contracting blood vessels.

Bistort herb herbal medicinal is used to treat the following bodily conditions:

§ Cholera
§ Measles
§ Bleedings both internal and external
§ Lung hemorrhages
§ Nose bleeds
§ Stomach hemorrhages
§ Bowel complains
§ Diarrhea especially in cases where there is blood in stools
§ Dysentery
§ Incontinence
§ Infectious diseases
§ Jaundice
§ Diabetes
§ Intermittent fever
§ Mucous discharges especially from ears, nose, vagina and urethra
§ Bruises
§ Loose teeth
§ Nasal polyps
§ Stops bleeding in cuts and wounds
§ Worms in children
Leaves and roots of bistort herb herbal medicine are used as gargle for the following conditions:

* Gum problems
* Hardening spongy gums
* Looseness of teeth
* Sore mouth
* Sore throat
* Stomatitis

Bistort herb herbal medicinal can be used as external wash for:

Ø Bites from poisonous creatures
Ø To discharge ulcers
Ø Hemorrhages
Ø Running sores

Other uses for bistort aside from herbal medicine include leather tanning. Bistort herb herbal medicinal comes in the following formulations: dried and extracts.

Bistort herb herbal medicinal