baby boomers age expected norms

baby boomers age expected norms

The Expected Norms for the Current Age of Baby Boomers

The era of the Baby Boomers generation can be recalled to have started in 1946; a year after the World War II has ended. So in today’s generation, these Baby Boomers are expected to be in their 60s and below, and some of them are soon to retire.

Hence, with the age that they are in now, these Baby Boomers tend to demand for a healthier lifestyle to offset the diseases that may possibly occur to an aging person.

One of the expected norms practiced by the Baby Boomers today is a regular fitness and exercise regimen, including a healthy diet with healthy supplements.

Maintaining a regular exercise is beneficial since this helps to control the blood sugar. According to medical specialists, frequent exercise will help the diabetic person lessen the intake of drugs and any other types of medications.

There are also a good number of diabetics who attested that as they habitually practiced their exercise programs they were able to trim down their medications, to the point of being able to quit it.

Frequent exercise is a very natural method of handling diabetes.

There is also the so-called triglyceride; this is the combination of fatty acids and glycerol that flow in the blood. And achieving this will help the person to combat heart disease, strokes, and the killer disease-heart attack.

It is stated that the easiest way to achieve triglycerides is to start and stick to an exercise and physical fitness program, matched with a good diet.

The increase in physical activity and heart rate, as well as by maintaining a high energy in the body will help a person in managing the level of his triglyceride. This is also helpful to loosen the weight of a person.

When we say exercise and body fit it does not only refer to a gym. It can also be achieved in athletic clubs where these Boomers can engage and take pleasure in the sports that they are interested in.

Outdoor games such as golf and the indoor games such as bowling and badminton are good for those people who are aging since these will only require a moderate amount of stamina.

Here, they will be able to enjoy their time in playing their sports while maintaining their physically fit body.

However, many people say that nothing will beat the conventional form of exercise-walking. For those Baby Boomers who have a low level of stamina, walking is the most preferable form of exercise.

Although, the American populace are said to be not that regular in walking exercises as compared to the Europeans.

On the other hand, Germans practiced a norm in walking exercise which is called the volksmarch, this is held during weekend. Here, the people spend a day of walking throughout the countryside or a town.

Not that alone, in this form of exercise Germans were also able to include social activity. Whenever they took a stop they are used to share their meal with somebody in the crowd, and this is coupled with a good conversation.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have the aging Baby Boomer generation in America celebrate volksmark during weekends too?

There is also a statement saying that when people speak of healthy aging, these Baby Boomers are said to be the good models. This is because Boomers are used to regard healthy aging both as their main concern and their norm.

To attest to this, there is an increasing number of Americans who participate in every marathon event. And the largest increase is in the people whose age belongs to 40 and above.

Meanwhile, the aging women Baby Boomers chose their own way in maintaining their health. And this is through healthy foods and healthy supplements. These scheme don’t just boost their energy, this also help them to maintain their beauty by simply lessening their stress. This also helps them to gain focus and mental clarity.

All of the cited facts only affirm that Baby Boomers have created new norms as they increase their age, norms that would suit to the needs of their body.

All of these norms were formed for a sole purpose-to achieve a better state of health for a healthy living.

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