Baby Acne

Baby Acne

Much to many parent’s dismay, baby acne is so common. In fact, more than 30 percent of babies are born with baby acne or develop a rash soon after birth. Baby acne typically starts when a baby is around three weeks old, and it can last until the baby is four to six months old.

Baby acne is just one of the perfectly normal skin conditions that occur to most babies. One of the aggravators of this skin condition is the hormones that are passed to the baby before birth through the placenta. According to some studies, these hormones greatly stimulate the oil glands on the baby’s skin, thus leading to baby acne.

There are actually several symptoms of baby acne. It is a usual phenomenon with baby acne that the baby’s skin breaks out into pimples. However, most of the baby acne shows up in the form of red rash, while whiteheads are also common. It is also worth noting that while baby acne will be most apparent on the face, a few pimples may also occur on the chest as well as on the arms. There are some instances that the baby acne becomes more severe especially if your child is agitated for some reasons, whether heated up or unwell. This of course will give you much anxiety. Much worse is the fact that if your baby’s skin is irritated, the more the baby acne will worsen. So as much as possible, try to be wary never to wash your child’s towels or bibs in strong and harsh detergents since they may irritate the skin if they are now carefully or properly washed off. Some of the experts suggest making it a point for you to tenderly clean out saliva or milk from the baby’s face so to avoid further irritation.

To prevent the spread of baby acne, you should also understand that cleaning the baby’s face with water gently using mild baby soap is a good move. With the baby acne being perfectly natural, there is no need to rush around your home or neighborhood looking for a cure. Baby acne, to some degree, just disappears on its own, with time. Due to this fact, applying oils and medications will not absolutely help and they are not even needed. Always note that applying oils will even cause the baby acne to worsen.

After all those facts, it is so necessary to make sure that it is indeed a baby acne, and the signs are not just because the baby is allergic to something. So, if your instinct tells you that your child have an allergy and not a normal baby acne, then try to keep a search for any possible allergens, and keep them away from your child.

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