Attention Democrats

Attention Democrats

Attention far left Democrats and all the rest, of you Democrats, who are too afraid of the far left or to hungry for power to stand up for America. Stop insulting me, stop ridiculing me, stop trying to run my life, stop trying to take away my freedoms and stop endangering me and my loved ones.

I know that you have never met me, don’t know me and don’t even know I exist. I am not famous, not rich and not powerful, but I am one of the slightly under three hundred million Americans that you are harming. I am one of the little people that you think are too ignorant to know what is best for themselves. One of the little people that you think has to be led around by the nose by superior people like you. One of the little people that, as far as you are concerned, doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things. I am one of the idiots that believe in things like, morals, values, freedom, kindness, helping others, fair play, courtesy, manners, dignity, respect, caring for one’s family, etc.. One of the idiots that loves his country, believes in his country and is proud to be an American. One of the idiots that celebrates the Fourth Of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and yes (horrors), even Christmas.

I am a moderate who has some liberal beliefs and some conservative beliefs. I dislike far right fanatics as much as I dislike far left fanatics. I believe in God but, I don’t belive in trying to force everyone or anyone else into believing in God. I believe in freedom of speech (As long as it doesn’t harm anyone.) and I believe in freedom of thought. I have never, untill recently, wrote letters to the editor or wrote political articles. Even though I am a Republican, I have always voted for the best person for the job. I have, in the past, voted for Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Your actions, however, have left me no choice other than to, from now on, vote for anyone who opposes Democrats. I may dislike the far right but the far left scares the heck out of me. The far left and those that support them are going to, if not stopped, cause the downfall of this great country.

I am fed up, hopefully like many others, with you trying to tell me what to think, when to think and how to think it, what to say, when to say it and how to say it. I am fed up with your use of lies, half truths, propaganda, rumors and ridicule. I am fed up with your use of celebrities and sychopants, to spread your lies, half truths, propaganda, rumors and ridicule, in order to gain control over the rest of us.

I am fed up with you and your puppets disparaging our President (When you insult our President, you insult the office of the President, thereby insulting America. When you call the President stupid you are calling everyone who voted for him stupid because, they voted for a stupid President.). When you ridicule the President, any President, whether it be President Bush, President Clinton or any other President you are harming America by giving fuel to our detractors and enemies. This endangers my loved ones and therefore scares me.

I am fed up with your attacks on the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. All you are doing is aiding our enemies by making them believe that, if they can last long enough, we will cut and run, leaving them to do as they wish. You are prolonging the war against terrorism and causing additional deaths among our troops. I’m not saying that we can win the war against terrorism (There will probably, almost, always be some form of terrorism.) but, I am saying that you are making things worse. You are also endangering my loved ones and that scares me.

I am fed up with your attempts to force the appeasement of countries like Iran, Syria, China, Russia, North Korea, France and others who would like nothing better than to witness our demise. This endangers my loved ones and therefore scares me.

I am fed up with your fighting for the rights of criminals and terrorists while ignoring the rights of victims and of our society. Your attempts to make victims or heroes out of people like Stanley Williams, the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, the terrorists imprisoned in Iraq, Saddam Hussein, gangsta rappers, drug addicts, illegal immigrants, Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson and anyone convicted of murder who is sentenced to death, insults victims and their loved ones. It also endangers my loved ones and that scares me.

The only thing that scares me more than the far left is that many people in this country are buying into your lies and propaganda because they don’t know anything about history (And now some schools have decided to stop teaching American History prior to the Civil War and many other schools don’t even require the study of World History.) and they obtain most of their information from sound bites, celebrities and others that you have duped who spout your propaganda while calling it entertainment.

America is a great country and there may still be time to overcome the far left’s attempt to take over and rule our country. In order, however, to stop the far left we have to wake up, we have to stop believing that just because someone is a celebrity and speaks for the far left, that he or she is an authority on the governing of this country. Celebrities are not smarter or more informed than we are, they just have a bigger soapbox than we do. Think of this, if a celebrity is dumb enough to be taken in by the far left, he or she is too dumb to be telling us what to think. We have to use a little logic and start thinking for ourselves. We have to start teaching our children to think for themselves and not to believe everything they see and hear on television. Most of all, we have to start speaking out. We have to start voting, not just for what we believe in but, against what we don’t believe in. We have to start paying attention to what is going on around us and we have to start sticking up for ourselves and for our way of life.

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