Atlanta Massage

Atlanta Massage

Currently living in Atlanta, Georgia? Searching for a massage spa or a massage therapist in Atlanta? If yes, then great! You’ve certainly found the right page.

Below is a list of some of the most visited and well-known massage spas in Atlanta, Georgia. Read on for one of them might be the right place for you to relax and enjoy everything that Atlanta massage has to offer.

Atlanta Massage Studio

Atlanta Massage Studio has long been considered as a specialty massage boutique that offers a therapeutic massage, including prenatal massage, yoga therapy and body wraps and scrubs. Perhaps what makes this massage center notable is that it is run by professional massage therapists who have committed themselves in their work to make their service unparalleled. These professional and experienced therapists are also the ones who make it possible for the Atlanta Massage Studio to be known as one of the finest wellness centers in the whole Atlanta.

Chattel Bajan

Another acclaimed Atlanta massage spa is Chattel Bajan. Well, this center is actually a clinical spa that offers clinical massage services such as the Swedish massage, neuromuscular massage, and deep tissue massage therapy. It is located in the Vinings area, and all of their services, such as those mentioned above, are highly considered to provide relief to pain and stress. And, just like the other existing massage therapy centers, this Atlanta massage spa is run by professionals who do the job to help you attain better health and well-being. Today, Chattel Bajan offers extra services like facial peels microdermabrasion, waxing and hot stone massage.

Pura Vida Massage Studio

Located in Roswell Road, the Pura Vida Massage Studio is known throughout Atlanta as one of the unique massage spas available. What makes them unique? Pura Vida Massage Studio specializes in a sort of “fusion massage” which is actually a combination of the different techniques of massage, such as the Swedish, reflexology, neuromuscular, shiatsu, thai massage, Russian, hot stone, acupressure, trigger point therapy, energetic healing, and a lot more. The combination of these techniques is given by their professional and highly experienced massage therapists, and all are geared toward better health and well being.

Spa Sydell

Spa Sydell is but another well-known Atlanta massage center that offers a number of excellent services for their hundreds of clients. Unlike the other existing Atlanta massage spas, this place offers gift certificates for their clients, as well. And, aside from a therapeutic massage, Spa Sydell provides airbrush tanning, which is but another popular service of this center. The ones who apply such services to their clients are their resident experts, who are highly trained and educated in this healthcare field.

Buckhead Massage Company

Finally, here is the Buckhead Massage Company, a well-known name in Atlanta’s healthcare industry. This Atlanta massage company has more than eight years of experience in treating people with the gift of touch. They are nestled in the heart of Buckhead with a quaint, cozy environment. What’s more, the Buckhead Massage Company offers a wide selection of services, ranging from sports massage to Thai massage and rolfing. Gift certificates are also available for the clients’ advantage.

So, you’ve found the right place. What to know more about them? You can check these Atlanta massage centers out online.