Asian Black Tea Set

Asian Black Tea Set

“Its goodness is for the mouth to make,” Lu Yu wrote in the first ever annals of tea drinking, called Cha Jing or the Art of Tea. But sometimes, it really pays to match the kind of Asian black tea set that you use with the tea type you’re drinking.

For instance, many people say that for China black teas or China green teas, a Chinese Yixing teapot is the best. You see, Yixing teapots are made from unglazed clay, and that’s why teas drank from such teapots taste better because the flavor is fully preserved.

So if you want to savor the taste of your tea and experience the different subtle variations of black tea, the kind of Asian black tea set you use matters.

Below are a few good shops where you can look for the perfect Asian black tea sets.

At, you can find an elegant-looking, white-colored Asian black tea set – the Joyce Chen Time for Tea Set – Black 90 5100. The teapot has an authentic side-handle to make it easier for you to pour in a manner reminiscent of elaborate tea ceremonies and matching Asian black tea set cups that will any hour tea time.

This Asian black tea set is stoneware that is microwave and dishwasher safe. It consists of 5 pieces, including one side-handle 20 oz. teapot and four 4 oz. handle-less tea cups.

Yixing teapots have the unique ability to absorb the tea flavor with continued sausage. What’s more, the fired clay of Yixing teapots contains tiny air pockets which provide insulation for enhanced taste and aroma of fine teas.

The website offers a fine collection of Yixing teapots and Asian black tea sets, including Empire teapot, Bamboo teapot, Beijing Era Teapot, and the Emerald Zen Yixing. For their Asian black tea set collection. also offers White Bamboo on Blue Tea Cup with Infuser, Forest Rose Tea Cup with Infuser, Lotus Tea Cup with Infuser, Sage Floral Covered Bowl, Spring Teapot Set, and Red Blossom Tea Set.

The Japanese have used Tetsubin teapots for centuries to brew their finest teas and add artistic elegance to their household as well. Each Tetsubin teapot at is hand cast, as well as hand finished, and fitted with a stainless steel mesh infuser basket.

As part of their wide collection of Asia black tea sets, offers the Large Hira which is a stunningly elegant, and very rare, large capacity Tetsubin Hira. The teapot can hold 40 oz. and comes 5-7 cups all covered with elegant charcoal black exterior and a distinctive “hob nail” design. To complete the look, this Asian black tea set is lightly washed with a touch of brown, giving it a gorgeous antiqued appearance.

Another unique Asian black tea set at is the 35 oz. Wabi. The Japanese find great beauty in simple design and the Wabi is a wonderful example. Its cocoa brown exterior has a pleasant orange peel texture and a squared off top that’s distinctive, setting itself apart from a standard round teapot.

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