Duty free shopping? Your eyes probably popped out of their sockets. And why not? But before you start taking out the money you stashed from five Christmases ago, list down only the most important things you need to buy. Those pennies and cents may be more than enough to buy you a year’s worth of perfume and a different wardrobe for each day of the year, but are you sure you can take home that much?

Well, sorry to pop out your balloon this early, but Aruba is not exactly a duty free port. Before you decide to spend your vacation watching reruns on TV, lighten up. Aruba is not considered duty free port for nothing. Shopping here makes you get away with great buys because the duty is low, especially on such merchandise as perfumes, jewelries, clothes, and electronic gadgets.

So before you splurge, make sure you’re aware of the Aruba Customs Regulations, and shopping can be more fun!

* According to Aruba Customs Regulations, guests at least 18 years old are allowed to bring into the country not more than 2 liters of liquor, 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, and 250 grams of tobacco, on top of those they have for personal use.
* Aruba Customs Regulations has set that you are only allowed 0 worth of duty free goods back home. Families traveling together can add up their exemptions. For Canadian guests who have been outside their country for at least 7 days, duty free shopping is allowed up to 0. Exemptions cannot be pooled with any other member of the family.
* The next 00 goods bought is taxed at a 10% rate, as stated in the Aruba Customs Regulations.
* Tourists who are not staying for at least 48 hours are allowed to bring only worth of duty free items.
* On top of the 0 exemption, a tourist can mail unlimited number of duty free mailed parcels, except alcohol or tobacco, or more than worth of perfume, provided the addressees are different.
* A 0 worth of items can also be mailed for personal use, with a list of their contents and retail value.
* Tourists who wish to send home used items duty free should indicate “American Goods Returned” on the package.
* Goods sent home as gifts may be mailed provided that the package is labeled “Unsolicited Gift’.
* All the mailed items do not, in any way, affect your exemption allowance upon your return.

Well, Aruba Customs Regulations does not really prohibit you from spending until all of next month’s pay, however, be sure that you have gotten well acquainted with the regulations before you splurge. You don’t want to end up paying as much tax as your flight costs.

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