Aromatherapy Massage New York

Aromatherapy Massage New York

Are you new in town? Whether you’re in New York for business or for pleasure, you seriously cannot miss enjoying the many aromatherapy massage centers in this city that never sleeps. A one-hour aromatherapy massage New York session will do wonders for your aura and your tired and jetlagged muscles.

Below are some choice places where you can get an aromatherapy massage New York-style.

Aromatherapy Massage New York: Back to Basics Massage

Located in 315 W 57th St, this aromatherapy massage New York center offers treatment-oriented massages. From “Deep-Tissue, Hot-Stone” to unique “Postural Corrective,” clients at this posh aromatherapy massage New York center enjoy a multi-style service that alleviates chronic pain and restores normal posture.

Many of the therapists at this aromatherapy massage New York spa are graduates of the Swedish Institute, a prestigious massage school where Basic’s two co-owners also taught. As a result of their intensive training, therapists at Basic are familiar and comfortable with a variety of aromatherapy massage New York techniques, including rarer styles like Medical and Medical Hot Stone, Four-Handed, Pre- and Post-Natal and Postural Corrective.

Aromatherapy Massage New York: Graceful Services, Inc.

Like it rough? Graceful Services combines the soothing scents of aromatherapy massage New York with a mix of the traditional Chinese Tui-Na (which means “push-pinch”) acupressure and Qi Gong (which uses energy to unblock meridians).

Unlike other aromatherapy massage New York centers, the effects of Graceful Services last a lot longer than a whiff of aromatic essential oils. At this aromatherapy New York spa, you will feel the deep tissue workouts for days.

Aromatherapy Massage New York: La Casa Day Spa

The La Casa aromatherapy massage New York day spa is based on the work of Dr. Harold Reilly and noted psychic Edgar Cayce who came up with the unique “Cayce-Reilly Massage.” This type of aromatherapy massage New York combines traditional Swedish strokes with castor oil/heating pad compresses on the lower back and abdomen to benefit the internal organs.

La Casa is also the sister of a Puerto Rican holistic spa so you can expect to find holistic health and great aromatherapy massage New York sessions with a tropical twist. The staff of this aromatherapy massage New York spa takes their mission as holistic healthcare providers seriously. They see the skin as the just the first step in trying to balance the system.

There are plenty more aromatherapy massage New York spas in the city. The ones mentioned here are among those occupying the top in the popularity ladder.

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