Aromatherapy Carrier Oil

Aromatherapy Carrier Oil

The use of aromatherapy carrier oil is a personal and lifestyle choice. It is one that can bring you pleasure, beauty and well-being. For this reason, the practice of aromatherapy has become the fastest growing fields in alternative medicine and holistic healing.

There are several types of oils used in aromatherapy. You have essential oils, absolutes, floral waters or hydrosols, resins, infused oils, herbs, natural substances, and of course, the ever dependable aromatherapy carrier oils. Unlike any other oil used in this ancient art form, aromatherapy carrier oils are not made from herbs or fruits. Aromatherapy carrier oils are almost entirely made from vegetable oils.

Some people refer to aromatherapy carrier oils as base oils. This is because they are most often used to dilute highly concentrated essential oils when applied to the skin. Not only are aromatherapy carrier oils used for that, but they are also used in combination with absolutes and CO2s, two other types of aromatherapy oils.

Aromatherapy carrier oils carry the essential oil onto the skin. Different aromatherapy carrier oils offer different properties and therapeutic benefits for you so choosing the right carrier oil is very important.

Aromatherapy carrier oils are not like any other oil used in aromatherapy. Often, they are cold-pressed and extracted from fatty portions of vegetables. They do not evaporate, unlike essential oils, and their fumes or aroma are not quite as strong.

Some fine examples of aromatherapy carrier oils are sweet almond, apricot kernel, grapeseed, avocado, peanut, olive, pecan, macadamia nut, sesame, evening primrose, walnut, and wheat germ. Most of the aromatherapy carrier oils you find in grocery stores are not cold-pressed. When aromatherapy carrier oils are heated, they lose some of their therapeutic benefits. That is why it is in never advisable to purchase your carrier oils from grocery store.

Aromatherapy carrier oils are different from mineral oil so don’t ever mistake one for the other. Mineral oil is never used in aromatherapy not only because it is not a natural product but because they may prevent the absorption of essential oil into the skin. Aromatherapy carrier oils on the other hand function specifically to help the skin absorb essential oil.

Another significant difference between aromatherapy carrier oil and essential oil is that the latter does not go rancid. Aromatherapy carrier oils can go rancid, especially if they’ve been sitting there for long. The aromatherapy carrier oils that you purchase must be natural and unadulterated to prevent the oil from going bad faster than normal. The only exception to this rule is aromatherapy carrier oil that contains a blend of natural vitamin E. Vitamin E acts as a natural preservative so its addition shouldn’t pose a problem.

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