Are Home Based Franchises For Real?

Are Home Based Franchises For Real?

With so many work at home based business franchises available today, you have to wonder how many of them are really legitimate. Some of them sound amazing and promise astounding sales and profit with little effort or upfront investment.

A wise investor will do the homework before purchasing a home based franchise so that there are no surprises after the deal is done. Careful consideration must be given to the kind of franchise that would be most suitable for your situation and work with your long term goals and business plan.

What is a home based franchise anyway?

A home based franchise is a business that you purchase from a franchisor that you can operate from home. In many cases, this is the most cost effective way to start a business because there is much less overhead and start up cost when you already have the location and space right within your own home.

After you decide to purchase a home based franchise, you become the franchisee and the company that sells you the franchise is the franchisor. As part of the business agreement, you are required to make an initial investment which is usually lower when you are operating a small franchise from your own home.

Once established, you must pay franchise fees and/or royalties to the franchisor depending on the amount of business and sales each month.

How do you know the home-based franchise is legitimate?

First, get as much information about the franchise that you possibly can. Ensure that you understand exactly how the home-based franchise works and research the franchisor’s performance and reputation.

Ask the franchisor for this information and check out independent reviews as well. It is all useful as you consider the legitimacy of the franchise, the franchisor and in some cases, the opinions of other franchisees that have already purchased their own franchise.

Don’t ignore the red flags!

Find out what the initial start-up cost is and what other financial obligations and requirements must be met before a franchise may be purchased. A legitimate franchisor will be able to provide full details and will be willing to give you all the requirements in writing before you decide to go through with the purchase. If a franchisor demands an unusually high initial investment, find out what is included in the fee and what you can expect to receive as part of your start-up package. Go into detail and discuss anything that is not clear or that you do not understand. A reputable franchisor should have no problem providing a clear explanation for every one of your investment dollars.

Beware of franchisors that promise you immediate wealth and huge success in a very short time frame with very little investment. An honest franchisor will tell you that starting a franchise, even home-based, is not an overnight success. It takes hard work and planning plus plenty of time and effort to build a home-based franchise. Although a franchise does provide the framework as well as ongoing support and training, you must build your profits over time.

No high-pressure sales tactics A reputable franchisor with good business practices will not make you feel as if you must make your decision immediately. If your prospective franchisor is pressuring you to pay the initial investment costs without giving you sufficient time to make an informed decision to purchase the home-based franchise, be wary. It may not be a legitimate franchisor you are dealing with and you should be careful.

Most franchisors are able to provide plenty of information and proven business plans that they are familiar with and are not in a rush to have you sign the dotted line.

Turn a profit in a home-based franchise There are many home-based franchises available depending on your interests, experience, and passion or investment choices. Franchises vary from home inspection to photography and even pet training. Take a look at some of these home-based franchises.

Pillar to Post provides superior home inspection services for any prospective home buyer. They have been ranked #1 in the home inspection category for the past 5 consecutive years by Entrepreneur Magazine. And franchise operations can be home-based.

Vendstar allows you to use your home as your franchise location. You make your money by distributing and servicing vending machines in various locations. The number of machines is up to you!

Molly Maid is undoubtedly a brand name you are familiar with in household cleaning services. With a low start-up investment, you hire and train a team of cleaning experts and use your own home as your franchise base.

Bark Busters offers a specially developed dog training service that allows you to work in a wide variety of settings and provides extensive training and support for all franchisees. Enjoy your job every day while you make the profit in your own home-based franchise.

PortraitEFX is just as the brand name implies. It is a professional portrait photography franchise where your franchise is home-based but you go to various locations to complete photography projects for your customers. From little league games to weddings, the opportunities are ready and waiting for you to get started!

An informed decision is the best decision When you are considering purchasing your own home-based franchise, there are many things to research, investigate and decide. Make sure you leave no stone unturned as you make one of the biggest decisions of your life. Starting a business franchise offers no guarantee of fast money and wealth. Take your time to think about the opportunity and whether it works with your goals and plans for the future.

Think about the time, money and effort required for the home-based franchise you are considering. Think about the franchise requirements and operating details as you ponder your next move.

Above all, do your homework Before committing to any home-based franchise, research the franchisor. Check into the company’s reputation and business performance reviews.

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