Accordion Gates

Accordion Gates

Accordion gates in the first place have nothing to do with music. Rather, it has something to do with public and residential security. In what sense? Well, you read on.

Many people are currently looking for accordion gates to secure their warehouses, their bay doors, their aisles, and other restricted areas. These gates are generally excellent for situations where compact, restricted access is a priority; however visibility as well as air flow is also desired as well. As you may know, security and access aren’t mutually exclusive.

The accordion gates generally come in different forms, but they are usually folded. They are designed to make the facilities more secure and still allow frequent and easy access to those who need it. As folding gates, the accordion gates fold easily back and out of the way especially when people or equipments need to pass. However, they mostly offer a lockable barrier when closed.

It is further worth noting that most of the accordion gates are crafted from heavy-duty steel U-type channel riveted back to back. This is actually the reason that the accordion gates are also called “steel gates”. Also, they typically come in single or double, and all the double gates are commonly protected with drop pins. As you may know, some even feature steel ball bearing swivel casters for an easy opening as well as closing. There are also some accordion gates that feature webs that are riveted to vertical rails. The rivets are generally held behind in order to prevent tampering. Also, with this kind of accordion gates, welding is not necessarily required for installation.

Today, most of the available accordion gates are intended for pets and babies security. These gates are called pet gates or baby gates, and they are usually made of metal, plastic, or wood. As, a pet gates, they are designed to help keeping the dog out of trouble as the accordion gates restrict the dog’s access to specific rooms or areas. The gates also confine him to acceptable surroundings. This is also true with babies. These gates are generally a better option to simply closing a door to restrict or confine your pet or baby.

Most of the accordion gates are also used in residential elevators. They basically feature solid panels that are joined with steel hinges and sealed with premium vinyl for a gate that completely closes the car opening and eliminates pinch hazards. Just like the pet and baby gates, this kind of accordion gate generally carries the concepts of quality and safety as top priority.

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Accordion Gates