A Short Guide To The Basics Of Online Play (PvP) In Diablo 3

A Short Guide To The Basics Of Online Play (PvP) In Diablo 3

Diablo 3 has been created as a game which combines the advantages of online play with those of a single player game. But as it happens, playing online with others has both its advantages and disadvantages. Read on to learn what you should expect from online play in Diablo 3.

PUGs (Pick Up Groups) Versus Playing With Friends

In Diablo 3, when you choose not to solo but to play in a group with others, you can choose to join a random group of players (“PUG”) or several of your friends. Playing with your buddies has obvious advantages since you can form a sort of synchronization beforehand (think about sports teams). If you play with people you know, everyone will usually know their roles and the gameplay can be very entertaining for the entire group.


“Pugging” with random strangers is really a hit-or-miss. No one can predict the skills and experience of the players in the group you just joined. More often than not, people can be under-geared and not be of any help whatsoever. Some people might simply have joined the game, but then only stand around idly in town while letting others do all the work. This is in particular bad because the difficulty of playing Diablo 3 increases dramatically dependent upon how many people are in the group or game. If you have two bad or idle players, you will have a hell of a time finishing any game.


When you join a random group for a public game, take a few minutes time to check their gear. Also make sure whether the people who joined are really playing or just sitting in town. Do not zone into the target area without everyone being attentive and ready for battle. Once zoning in, wait a minute or two to see whether the others follow or are away from their keyboard. Do not make the mistake of starting to attack mobs while the others are still back in town (it’s a guaranteed way to fail). If the other players won’t zone in, simply leave the game and choose a different group/game.

While it can be frustrating trying to find a proficient random group to play with in Diablo 3, you might find some of the best players you’ve ever met. Just be patient and try it a few times until you find yourself amongst some decent players. If you notice too many deaths on otherwise weak mobs or maybe people behave like they have never touched the game before, it can save you lots of nerves and repair bills by simply leaving before going any further.

Diablo 3 provides numerous, entertaining ways to play either solo or online with others, be it with your buddies or with random strangers that you’ve never met before. As with most online games, this can be at times rewarding, and at other times frustrating, but always remember… it’s only a game (though a very, very good one!)

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