7+ Top Types of Real Christmas Trees

7+ Top Types of Real Christmas Trees

There are several types of real Christmas trees, all of which are a cheap choice over artificial. The most common types of Christmas trees are the six-foot Scotch pines, which fit nicely into the average home living room.

One type of Christmas tree is the deodora cedar, which has blue-green short needles with pendulous needle tips. Another cedar, the Eastern red, has shiny dark green leaves and gives off a great scent, though it’s sticky to the touch and will only last 2-3 weeks. As this tree dries out quickly it is best used in a humid climate.

One of the most popular of Christmas trees in the southeast part of the U.S. is the Leland Cypress, with dark green or gray foliage. Its branches are feathery and its scent is pleasant but light. This tree is ideal in the home of allergen-troubled folks.

The Douglas fir is a popular type of Christmas tree, and easily flocked. It has a great fragrance and lives longer than a lot of other trees. Its leaves are either dark green or blue. Its sister fir, the Fraser, has needles that are flatter and dark green. It holds its needles well and gives off a pleasant aroma. For a more citrus aroma from your Christmas tree you should choose the grand fir, with dark green shiny needles. If you want a more durable tree that can hold your heavy ornaments the noble fir is a great choice. It lives longer and healthier as a Christmas tree and makes an attractive, strong and durable wreath as well.

Pine and spruce are too other commonly used types of Christmas trees. The pine has a great fragrance. The spruce however, dries quickly and its needles drop rapidly.