3 Must Visit Paso Robles Wineries

3 Must Visit Paso Robles Wineries

Did the hundreds of wineries in Paso Robles, California, draw you to the area? If so, you may want to spend your trip, regardless of its length, visiting some of the fine wineries in the area.

With so many amazing Paso Robles wineries to choose from, you may be curious as to which wineries are worth the stop. Most are, but below you will find three Paso Robles wineries that are often referred to as must visits.

The EOS Estates Winery

Many Pas Robles wineries have an amazing story behind them and the EOS Estates Winery is no different. According to their official website, the winery got its name from the “Goddess of the Dawn.” They use this Greek Mythology to perfect their wines. Vineyards at their estate are harvested immediately before or after the sunrise.

Complimentary tasting of EOS Estate wines are offered. This isn’t the only draw to this Paso Robles winery. Self-guided wine tours are available as well. To relax in luxury, visit their rose garden.

The EOS Estates Winery is also known for the amazing events it hosts. Depending on your dates of travel, you may find educational events, musical concerts, and so much more. The EOS Estates Winery participates in many annual area festivals.

The tasting room at EOS Estates Winery is open daily from 10am to 6pm throughout the summer. The tasting room closes at 5pm the remainder of the year.

Still Waters Vineyards

Still Water Vineyards, due to being located six miles from Highway 46, may be considered off the beaten path, but it is well-worth the trip. In fact, the other local wineries in the close proximity can make for a day filled with great wines.

As for what makes the Still Water Vineyards worth the trip, it begins with their history. It is a story you will find inspirational. According to their official website, the owners had a dream of opening a winery on just one-acre of land. They soon realized the importance and potential of producing their own grapes. That led to the development of the Still Water Vineyards, which is now situated on 60 acres of land.

In addition to wine tasting, you are encouraged to explore the ranch and bring lunch. Wine tasting is available from 11am until 5pm.

Summerwood Winery & Inn

The Summerwood Winery and Inn is another area winery that is considered a must visit. This winery, as with many others, places a great focus on the production of quality grapes. Wines are made with grapes grown on the estate.

The tasting room is open daily from 10am until 5:30pm with extended hours, until 6, in the summer months. Wine tours are available, but by appointment only.

If you have yet to make your travel arrangements, consider a stay at the Summerwood Inn. Guests are provided with wine and a gourmet breakfast. Although a number of wineries offer onsite accommodations, Summerwood sets itself apart from the rest with its friendly and helpful staff, which will make you feel welcome and right at home.

As an important reminder, the three above mentioned wineries are just a few of the many you will find in the Paso Robles area of California. To maximize your stay and the number of wineries you visit, consider extending the length of your trip or be sure to return again.

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